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Better have my wine down wed for dinner, so I will sober up in time for the workout tonight lol. 

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Recharged - old is new again.

So I looked back in time to when I was this weight and saw I went from this weight to my goal weight in about 45 days for 15 pounds according to my graph from April-May 2012. Sweet. Then I looked at my workout jurnal and see how I did it. Weights and cardio.  Guess what I start today? I will do it at night like I did then after the kids have gone to bed and the wife is in bed or winding down and after all the days food has been eaten. Then weigh in the mornings every day and log my food like then. This was without any dvds or trainers just lil big me lol. Old school, I bet it works too. The more things change the more they stay the same they say. whats old is new again here.  I recall the workout well so… Game on again. Wish me luck. :)  

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Fitness update

I suck lol. I have not worked out in toooooo long , and I don’t mean a couple days. I have never ending excuses, like my wife is pregnant and doesn’t workout or eat well in this 3rd trimester so motivation is harder…. or … she was hospitalized for a week for GBS Syndrome which we never knew feckin existed in this world,  and I had to be Mr Mom for weeks over that which was super hard ( I don’t know how single moms with no support do it). Or it could be I eat like crap all the time. Or the weather has been weird, or I’m depressed, nervous, baby worried, whatever…  I gained some weight back but I don’t feel like I look very much heavier which is better than my brain thinks. My fitbit shows me how loser-y I am every day at fitness. My mom, and sister are nonstop crazy,psychotic bitches, and no matter how far I distance my self from them they inject their crazy… so short of mom dropping dead, I can’t get the screwed up people Tumblr tells us all to avoid, out of my life. Tonight I finally did the taxes and due to some BS I am getting back $2000 less than I expected, which sucks but it’s not as bad as I projected losing. I Have a sinus infection and dizziness from fluid in my ears now and found out the reason lifting or push ups hurts my elbow is because I have some weirdo bone thin spot that I possess in my forearm OH BOY!!!! Oh well waaa waaa waaa I just can’t wait for our baby in July , hopefully by the 4th, and to start getting life and wife back to normal.   On a brighter note my daughter is killing it in T-ball, My son is amazing and the wife and I are madly in love …still. I still have my high paying (sort of), tedious, unfulfilling job so I am not on Obama’s payroll or Obamacare. I built a New deck and a Pergola on it. Now if we just got some GD steady sun and heat I could put up the pool and swim with them and have some fun. lol I’ll man up more soon lol. Adios Amigos! 

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Ecstasy ~ Hayes Valley, San Francisco by artists Karen Cusolito and Dan Das Mann

Ecstasy, a 28-foot-tall figurative sculpture made from reclaimed steel, embodies the emotion of passion and the posture of exaltation it can inspire. She is illuminated at dusk by a warm light that emanates from her hands and softly glows upon her shoulders, neck and head that is thrown back in elation. Ecstasy was built in 2007 and first debuted on-stage at The Crucible’s Fire Opera, then at Burning Man, 2007. Since then she traveled widely: Maker Faire, 2008, and Nocturnal, 2009. Through 2011, Ecstasy was on exhibit in Hayes Valley, San Francisco, at Patricia’s Green. She is now part of a private collection.
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Ok I’ll bite even though unbidden… This is an arrangement of Yesterday by the Beatles that I devised about 35 years ago. Have not played it in a Lonnnnnnnng time. Just recorded this today on lunch for this post on my laptop cam.

(1)  Song:  Yesterday  short version Beatles 

(2)  Guitar:  Fender Telecaster.

(3)  I have a total of 10 guitars at current count.  I have had about 50 in my life and given many away to friends who were broke. 

(4)  I have an evil Memphis Les Paul copy guitar. A teenager who murdered his mother first owned it and it changed hands twice in an hour span after his trial and came to me. Since then one guy who borrowed it, played it on stage and died in a fire the next night. Another friend who played it in my room as a youth was killed on the street the next weekend downtown Dallas in a drive by. Another good friend who insisted he play it, played it on stage, and he and his 2 brothers died in a fiery crash that same night with it in his vehicle. It alone was thrown clear and returned to me by his his funeral. It may sound stupid and superstitious, but I keep it in a remote location now and have never let another player touch it. The mother killer died in prison and I believe I am the only one who ever played it since it was bought who has survived.    . 

(5)  I wrote a song once, as my friends do attest to , that had different lyrics, but was an exact musical match, to he later released song by the Who that they call “Let my love open the door”. My silly friends thought I should sue. lol Coincidence? Yep. lol But I have always been proud of that.. 

-But I don’t think I’m going to tag anyone in my post.  Don’t want the tens of people who follow me to feel left out  lol

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MCU movie posters

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Platform Deck

So I Built this, this weekend , the deck.  I will be doing the pergola next opportunity, although different than the one shown. So uhh yeah, that was a 10 hour non stop walking, bending, drilling, sawing, lifting, squating grinding workout. Fitbit said I moved well over 7 miles and 15k steps in doing so, but it came out pretty nice if I do say so myself. :) I am feeling like I did my total body workout for the day. 

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