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Took a rest day for the son.

Too little time, sleep, alot of miles , and my wonderful sons birthday so I caught up on rest, loving my wonderful 4 year old and am officially the Birthday hog. lol 1/2 a pizza, several cake pieces, candy etc. It was a great day and I wont feel guilty. Tomorrow I will be back on track Climbing stairs and making miles and resume losing. So what if I gain a pound from today. It was a great day. So if I mentally add the pound I am 7 pounds from Dr goal, 17 pounds from my goal and feeling great, which is THE best gift I can give my amazing boy. Happy birthday son.


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…I may or may not have teared up a bit reading this ;)

I needed this kind of inspiration today. :)


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Silly me.

My scale is digital and reports to the 1/10 of a pound. Lately I have lost a couple ounces or so a day, maybe more, or sometimes gained with an occasional oops day. So I get on it this morning thinking I didn’t really feel it yesterday, so maybe I gained, but hoping against hope that the diet still made me lose. Then Bam I got bitch slapped with a 3rd option I never f*cking thought of…. I stayed the same. lol

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My Daughter will cheer this cool Texas Morning. My new habit is to get there early since she must, and take advantage of climbing the stadium stairs over and over until the crowd thickens. Every little bit helps. Plus from the top I get to see all the local pretty football moms Doh!lol Last week I was still going, and near the top when the Star Spangled Banner started so I snapped this. Everyone stops every time in our community’s.That’s how we roll. America Fuck Yeah! 

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And Boom!!!!

Down 20.1  lbs. since June 16. making just over 1.5 lbsa week avg. . If I can keep this pace going, I would hit my goal in 12 more weeks on or about Dec 6. I know that is unlikely considering how the pace slows as you near your goal, and plateaus, and falters, but time will tell. I wanna get back to this photo’s weight but keep the tone and muscle I have now ( i.e. my arms and legs look way stronger now lol).

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Back to the scales

So I have quietly gotten my act together. I have been doing it old school with monitoring my calories a bit and working out a bit. After I gained muscle and weight doing intense exercise last year the DR said I needed to get back to my fighting weight more than I needed to look like Arnold or something. Then the dreaded commiserating baby weight hit from Jan- June while neither of us did much but eat wrong. Since then I am glad to say I HAVE LOST lost 19.4 POUNDS IN 12.5 WEEKS. YEAH!!!!!!!!. I weight less than I have since before Oct 2013. and in 10.8  pounds will be at the DR prescribed wt. and my goal is 10 pounds more than that. Feeling great. 

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Could walking improve running?

Since I started the new assignment I bop around the building walking probably faster than I should to the tune of about 25 minutes a day. I was out of running shape previously and last month had a hard time going my normal speeds for norma times on the treadmill. The other day I hopped on and busted a move that was about a about personal best with little adverse reaction. I also just make sure to climb about 15-20 floors of stairs a day  (i.e. take the long way back in stairwells) when time permits often going from the basement to the fourth floor at a go, then walking fast to my wing , then trotting back down by my desk ( 2-3 times a day). When I started I would be somewhat winded at the top and worry about sounding like a panting elephant walking across the 4th floor, now today I did it fairly easily and didn’t huff or puff much. I do believe little cheat extras repeated make a big difference.  

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Saw this and for some reason thought of She Hulk.

Saw this and for some reason thought of She Hulk.

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By Request. Top:My hideous self with the 3 children I live for taken by the wife I live for. Middle: My cute ass newborn baby girl (or so everyone who can’t stop holding her tells us)Taken Friday by our photographer friend. Bottom: My son (by same friend Friday too). I brag on my cute firstborn daughter all the time and have now for 6 years, but its time to say for the record that my son is the most fantastic little boy, and frankly the cutest little mf there ever was lol. How all this cuteness came from me I’ll never know, but it did. Pretty sure…. yeah it did lol. 

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My work has thrown thier cafeteria into the healthy promotion campaign for awhile now. But when I saw this sign I first thought of my blog name lol Live for your loves.